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The mission of Talents@work is to grow  your impact as a leader by making conscious, authentic choices fitting your professional identity. With your own “talents@work” you can then make an even more positive impact on your environment: your colleagues, customers and organization as a whole. Scroll down to get inspired and inspire others with the “Goed Bezig Checkup” tools.

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Approach of Veronika Wuyts

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What can Talents@work do for you?

Leadership coaching

Coaching helps people to reach their goals by taking them out of their comfort zone, challenging and supporting them in overcoming potential obstacles. That way they can realize sustainable growth and change in their professional life, for themselves and their organizations. Especially “transition-acceleration” coaching is my forte. I don’t only look at the “symptoms” but also zoom out to get a picture of you in the “system” of team and organisation and how this system and its “laws” influences you and your impact.(systemic perspective)

As Stephen Covey said: “If you want small changes in your life, work on your attitude (behaviour). If you want big changes, work on your paradigm (beliefs)”.



In this VUCA world, team coaching, (a form of peer group coaching) offers leaders opportunities to become more self-reliant and resilient. It provides them with a rich and useful internal learning network in their organization. After discussing their professional challenges and questions, peers give each other fresh, practical advice and feedback to grow and strengthen their impact and leadership. By applying the solution-focused methodology and discussion framework, we steer the sessions away from a complaints forum to ensure a positive focus and productive atmosphere.

Reintegration after burn out through Team coaching

We all know someone with a burnout these days—and the share of suffering experienced by that person’s colleagues. A lot of misunderstandings, anger and frustration can build up in the period leading up to a colleague falling ill, with adverse effects on productivity and team spirit too.

This Team Coaching first supports the team left behind. By giving the appropriate information on what, why and how the burn-out situation happened, and creating space for their emotions, we restore trust in themselves and others. We discuss new ways of working and prepare the return of the colleague, including a welcome session to facilitate a new start with all team members. This way the entire team paves the way to continue working productively with trust and confidence in each other. This way we minimize the potential for relapse and generate steady productivity with people who feel good about the choices they made.

We facilitate the team sessions using a range of tools, with the emphasis on the following solution-focused approach.

Goed Bezig Checkup, best L&D book award 2016

Every year we go to the dentist for a check-up or have the car serviced. So why don’t we do a yearly check on our job? What am I doing? Do I still like my work? What choices did I make, do I want to make? How can I stay fulfilled in my job? The Goed Bezig Checkup helps you monitor how good a job you’re doing at keeping a good job.

We start the Goed Bezig Checkup  by taking stock of the past year. The second step is to determine how you want things to be, what you want to give more attention, and why. And to combine the results of these reflections and make a promise to yourself about what you want to fulfil in the coming year.

Finally, in a third step, you start to keep your promise. Engaging your stakeholders and staying on track are essential now.

Each of these three steps is supported by several reflection tools as input for the check-up. The book gives detailed explanations which, together with the online templates, help you  repeat your check-up every year.

And for leaders who see the benefit of a regular check-up and want to inspire their associates as well, the tools have been reworked in a dedicated chapter especially for this purpose.

The (Dutch) book is available through and regular bookshops. 

We have now also translated the tools into English:

Phases Signposts Results

1 Look back 

1.1 Inventory Awareness process: Still doing ‘the right stuff’?

2 Look ahead 

2.1 Miracle Surprise: My miracle contains more reality than I could have dreamed of!
2.2 Talents I recognize the diamonds in my treasure chest and I’m going to shine.
2.3 Resilience Recognizing and fostering resilience determines my energy levels.
2.4 Role wheel  I choose my stakeholders: my reasons for sharing this working life with certain people.
2.5 Make a Promise This is my promise to myself for the coming year: my action plan.

3 Maintain focus 

3.1 Communication I am more effective in achieving my promise working thanks to and with my stakeholders.
3.2 Priorities I make choices as a matter of course and maintain focus on my promise.
3.3 Energy My energy is precious and is spent only on my Circle of Influence.

4 Inspiring others 

4.1 Manager Inventory
4.2 Manager Miracle
4.3 Manager Talents
4.4 Manager Promise
4 Signposts adapted specially for managers to inspire and motivate their employees.

The other 4 can still be applied in their original form.


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